Uxbridge Baseball Association

2020 UBA Sponsorships


Welcome Sponsors!

The Uxbridge Baseball Association (UBA) is seeking sponsors for the 2020 baseball seasons.  We heavily rely on members of the community to donate and help defray costs to families and allow field and complex improvements so we can continue to provide the best possible program for the kids! 


The UBA annually balances field maintenance, improvements (fence repairs, lights, club house upkeep, equipment replacements, etc.).  All these costs add up quickly, and the Uxbridge Baseball Association strives to keep the cost per child as low as possible every season.  Therefore, the participation of sponsors is imperative to our continued success!


If you select to sponsor a team for A, AA, AAA, or Majors, your company name will be on the team jerseys!  The players get to keep the jerseys each year and wear them well after the season ends!  In order to have these jerseys for opening day, we need conformation by Feb 29th


We have a social media item added to select sponsorship options.  This will include a weekly posting on our Facebook and twitter sites. Our social media sites generate over 1,000 of views each week during the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons.


If you are a new sponsor, we welcome you to the UBA Family

If you are returning, WELCOME BACK!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 

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